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Here we go!! Welcome to the Hockey Speed and Power Blog. What will seperate you from other players? First stride explosiveness and speed. The higher the level, the more important speed and power are. I will make you the best player you can possibly be. Getting faster will make every aspect of your game better. […]

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Hockey Fitness – The Keys to Improving Your On-Ice Performance Through Off-Ice Training

Hockey fitness is one of the most complex areas of fitness in all of sports. The number of different roles and movements that hockey players have to assume over the course of a game demands a huge amount of fitness in a highly varied number of ways. Rivalled only by skill positions in football for […]

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Hockey Workout Tips – The 3 Aspects of Hockey Fitness You Can’t Afford Not to Focus On

There are a lot of different opinions on what makes a great hockey workout. This is because there are so many different aspects of hockey, that there are few exercises that won’t help your game. However, for the best results on the ice, there are three aspects that it is absolutely critical you focus on […]

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Off Ice Hockey Training – 3 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Skip Dry-Land Training

Off ice hockey training is becoming more popular among youth players in recent years  but many players of all ages still ignore this critical aspect of hockey development.  Elite players have always done off-ice training, as they and their coaches understand the benefits that dry land training can have on the ice. Here are three […]

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