Columbia University Study Proves Light weight Training Safe and Effective for Young Athletes

There have been many studies done on the safety and effectiveness of light weight training, as well as speed, agility and body weight exercises. The prestigious Columbia University recently released findings over a 4 year experiment. I could go in to great details regarding the study but the results were “that when proper form and technique are followed, light weight training is not only safe but very, very effective for young athletes”. “The myth that weight training stunts growth has no merit whatsoever, in fact our study found that the training can actually release hormones that promote both growth and height”.

There you have it. So many parents ask me why I would recommend an 8, 10 or 12 year old to start training and I always answer-because it WORKS AMAZING and is very safe as long as proper form is used. That is why the Hockey Speed and Power manual is so effective-there are detailed pictures and descriptions of every exercise. An example of a young player who started training very, very young is Alex Ovechkin. His parents were both Olympians and made sure there son was doing everything possible to become the best athlete possible-worked out AMAZING for Alex. Alex is 6 foot 3 inches and

Great players like Sidney Crosby start training very young.  You can also read what Sidney thinks of Hockey Speed and Power

Great players like Sidney Crosby start training very young. You can also read what Sidney thinks of Hockey Speed and Power

230lbs so I am pretty sure he didn’t stunt his growth. My advice, with all due respect, find time to get your son or daughter following the Hockey Speed and Power manual. Hockey training is very complex and that’s why you need a professionally designed manual to follow. I promise you it will be the best $47 investment you ever make. My kids follow the manual and love it_it is hard but when you hit the ice and are flying by your opponents it makes all the hard work more then worth it. You have nothing to lose. Their is a 60 day money back guarantee. I have mentioned many times, if I could turn back the clock, I would have started training younger and wish so bad I had a hockey training manual like Hockey Speed and Power to follow. I see the Russian players, who ALL trained when they were very young and they all have great first stride power-the most important aspect of a great player. GET YOUR MANUAL TODAY AND WATCH YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER BECOME A WHOLE NEW< FASTER< STRONGER AND HARDER SHOOTING PLAYER!!

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