Core Strength Training for Hockey

Most people have heard of core strength training but really don’t know what it means and how important it is. It is so important to hockey training that I have included six different core training routines in the Hockey Speed and Power Manuals. Core training involves much more then situps and crunches. Most effective core training exercises have a twisting component to them. An example is the Farmer’s Dumbbell swing. It works EVERY muscle in your body in a squatting and twisting motion while really working all the shooting and skating muscles. A situp only works the front abdominal muscles(rectus abdominus) while the Farmer’s Dumbbell Swing uses the legs, arms, obliques, shoulders and rectus abdominus. It is so important in hockey training to work the muscles all together because in a game they are all constantly firing while we are skating shooting or hitting someone. It is amazing the difference proper core training makes in skating acceleration and shot velocity as well as body checking power. Proper core training is also vital for injury resistance. As mentioned the Hockey Speed and Power age specific manuals all have six different core routines with six different exercises in each workout-that is how much emphasis I put on training the CORE. If you want to have a bullet shot. explosive acceleration and skating speed get your copy of the manual today. I am so confident you will see amazing results there s a FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! Don’t keep putting off in-season training as it is just as importantBlues home card 028 as off-season and the manuals include both!! You can see the core development of these players all of whom started training at a young age and all played at the OHL level and beyond!!

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