Hockey Off Season Training

This is the time of year when hockey players can really concentrate on off ice training. Too many players want to keep playing 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 instead of working on their speed and power, core strength, first stride explosiveness. You can drastically improve your shot power and anaerobic/aerobic conditioning. The Hockey Speed and Power manual is a great workout plan to follow for player’s of any age. I strongly believe that all hockey players-from the age of 8 and up should be doing off-ice conditioning. Obviously the intensity and length of workouts vary dramatically but young players have a huge opportunity to develop their speed and agility when they do the proper exercises.

My own children have all started following the manual when they were 8 years of age. They all dominate their sports, do amazing in track and field and have alot of confidence in everything they do. I can’t think of anything you could do to help your children excel in sports and raise their overall confidence level. Player’s between the ages of 12-15 years of age can really take advantage of the Hockey Speed and Power manual. I GUARANTEE that if the manual is followed closely, remarkable increase in hockey speed, hockey power, shooting velocity, injury reduction and every other aspect of the game.

For the player’s 16 and older the Hockey Speed and Power manual is the same one used by 3 OHL teams. Over a 4 year stretch all 4 player’s who won the OHL’s fastest skating competition followed the Hockey Speed and Power manual. One of the player’s was rated as the fastest skater to be drafted in 15 years. All 4 of the players were first round picks to the NHL and even more impressive-they are all playing in the NHL now. Why look for other programs? Olympic Gold Medallists, Stanley Cup Champions, 8 first round NHL picks and hundreds of OHL players have used the manual with great success. Get your copy today and start maximizing your Hockey Speed and Power!!!

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