Hockey Speed and Power Training

Thank you everyone for your comments-keep them coming.  I apologize for the delay in the hockey training and conditioning pictures.  I am the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at SST Vaughan and we are really busy.  Any players in the Toronto area should contact me right away and come in for a free trial sessson.  Our functional, hockey specific training programs are helping our athletes get amazing results.  Three of the last four OHL fastest skating winners have trained with me.  If you are a parent or player who is from around the Toronto area and want to get faster and stronger this is the place to be.  If you are not from the area purchase your copy of the Hockey Speed and Power manual today. The manuals are the next best thing to training with me at SST.

The hockey training pictures have been submitted to the web master and will be going up shortly.  Also a weekly newsletter will be going out with tons of great hockey specific training tips.  Sign up for the newsletter today!!  Also please submit any questions you would like answered.  Kevin Miehm

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