Hockey Training

As the World Junior Championship is on we can really see the effects of hockey specific training.  The speed and power of these young players can be attributed to great off-ice training.  Hockey is finally catching up to other sports in the area of strength, speed and power training.  Hockey training needs to include many factors.  Core training, speed training, agility, speed, strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning are all very important.  We need to make sure our young players are working as hard off the ice as on.. If we do, we will continue to dominate.  We can see how the US and European countries are closing the gap-a large part of this is their superior off-ice training.  If you are serious about improving as a hockey player.  Hockey training is vital.  Wether you re  triple A player, houseleague, or a men’s leaugue player if you wnt the best program around, purchase your copy of Hockey Speed and Power now.

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