Hockey trainng testimonial

thanks a lot for everything Kev…i have a very good feeling about this year-I think my chances of getting that NCAA Division 1 scholarship are real good….training with you the last couple of years has changed my game(when I first started with you I was 168lbs with 10% body fat and an average skater now 2 years later I am 208lb with 8% body fat) and I can’t believe how much more of a dynamic skater i have become…it has became the best aspect of my game(my coach, who played in the NHL for 12 years says I am now one of the best skating defensemen he has seen at my age!!)….i feel training with you improves me unbelievably physically but also mentally. I really appreciate everything you do for me and im sure the other guys feel the same…..stay in touch and i will for sure be training with you next summer as well…thanks a lot and good luck this year

Kyle Cromie

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