Let a Former NHL’er Help You Take Your Game To The Next Level With The Hockey Specific┬áTraining Program Used by Pro’s and Olympians to Destroy the Competition.

Do You Want To Skate Faster, Shoot Harder, Score More and Be A Dominant Force On The Ice?

The fact is whatever your goals are, whether it be nailing a tryout, earning more ice time or being a leading scorer, there are certain qualities you need to have as a player in order to stand out above the rest of the pack.

Whether you’re 8 years old or a Pro, in hockey, “speed” and “power” rule the ice and you can see them in spades in every single top hockey player in the world. Without them, you can’t reach your full potential, and the only way to get them is to train specifically with them in mind.

Who Is Kevin Miehm?

I’ve played Major Junior A in the OHL, pro in the International Hockey League as well as leagues in Europe, and I’ve played at the peak of hockey, in the National Hockey League with the St. Louis Blues!

As well as having 15 years of professional hockey experience, I’m also a fully qualified and certified personal trainer! As a trainer I’ve worked with Stanley Cup champions and Olympians right down to rec players and young kids.

No matter where I played or who I trained, at every level and every age, one single thing has always stayed the same; the players who train the hardest and the smartest are the players who make it the farthest.

Yet for some insane reason, the majority of hockey players don’t train with hockey specifically in mind, or worse yet, don’t train at all. In a game where being fast and being powerful are the two most important factors for success, how can so many players simply ignore training?

Luckily there is an upside to this…

Training WILL Separate You From The Pack…

If you’re a hockey player serious about taking your game up a notch, making it to that next level, or just reaching your full potential, then you can leave all those players in your dust if you train with the right program!

Just going to the gym is good, but if you really want to get faster and stronger, and if you really want to become the absolute best hockey player that you can be, then you need something more. You need a program that is proven to work. You need a program based on years and years of professional hockey experience.

Introducing, Hockey Speed and Power…

Hockey Speed and Power is the training manual that I originally prepared for the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League.

Since then it’s been refined and updated and the result is a training program that produces faster, stronger, and generally dominant hockey players.

Anyone can follow this program. You don’t need to be playing pro for this to benefit you! This manual can be used by any player who wants to seriously improve their game.

Whether you’re a Junior A player looking to nail your shot at pro, or a young kid who wants to stand out from the crowd at tryouts, this program is for you!

This manual is made up of the very exercises that I used myself to get faster and stronger when I was playing professional hockey.

That’s what separates this program from all the rest. This isn’t a book about what could work in theory. It’s a professional quality training system that’s proven to work in real life. Guaranteed!

In fact, not only did I use the workouts in this program when I was playing pro hockey myself, I’ve also used the exact workouts to train Olympians, Stanley Cup champs, and countless other players at all levels of hockey and the results are always the same…it works!