Matt Duchene’s father Testimonial when he was 11

Duchen Testimonial from age 13

Duchen Testimonial from age 13

I thought proof from a parent of an NHL star and a player who is considered THE fastest player in the NHL would help parents decide on the effectiveness of the Hockey Speed and Power manual. I worked with Matt personally for 3 years both off on on-ice. Many people think these NHL stars were just born fast-Matt was a good skater who became THE fastest in the NHL by training properly at a young age. He was not a superstar when he was young, he turned himself in to one by training hard and smart. You have the chance to have your child train the same as Matt did for only $49. They drove 1.5 hours for each training session-safe to say it paid off!!! Please read below:


We have been very impressed with your knowledge and understanding with respect to hockey training, diet, and core strength. We absolutely are continuing with your program and are fine with the fee. Our strong feeling is you get what you pay for and we couldn’t be more satisfied. We understand, as does our son, the commitment it takes to follow a program and you’ve made it entertaining with so many different exercises that he never gets bored.

We’ll see you soon and thanks again for your professionalism and help with our son.


Vince Duchene

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