Off Ice Hockey Training – 3 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Skip Dry-Land Training

Off ice hockey training is becoming more popular among youth players in recent years  but many players of all ages still ignore this critical aspect of hockey development.  Elite players have always done off-ice training, as they and their coaches understand the benefits that dry land training can have on the ice. Here are three reasons you can’t afford to leave dry-land training out of your development.

1) Dry land training improves muscular endurance, speed, power and agility without the need for ice time.
Dry land training gives you an opportunity to work on critical areas of your game even when you’re not on the ice. While the movements are different on the ground than on the ice, the benefits are the same. Dry land training like running and plyometrics help you build speed, endurance, power and agility, any time of year, whether you have access to ice or not.

2) Ice time isn’t cheap. Dry land training can cost you nothing.
Ice time is very expensive. Even in a town with an abundance of rinks, ice rental will usually run at least $100 an hour. Simply relying on your team’s ice time to get your conditioning in won’t give you enough opportunity to train, and it can be very expensive to purchase extra time. Dry land training doesn’t require much more than somewhere to go, and your willingness to train. Anywhere you can run and jump you can do off-ice training.

3) Sticking to an off-ice routine will make you more disciplined during your on-ice training.
Dry-land training can be gruelling and hard, and many players hate it compared to on-ice practices. This means that if you can stick to your dry-land routine, not only will you improve your skills and your physical fitness, but you’ll also get more out of your on-ice practices.

Dedicated training and nutrition are important at any level if a player wants to improve, and for any player that wants to reach the top of their game, dry land training is an absolute must.

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