I often get asked when young players-ages 8 and up should start their off-season training program. The answer is by May 1st at the latest. This gives a good 3.5 months of great training-many players start their team on-ice in Mid August. The nice thing about the Hockey Speed and Power manual is that every day is laid out for you. Everyday has core strength, speed and agility, plyometrics, and conditioning and either upper or lower body training. There are four workouts per week. Remember 15 years of professional hockey experience in the NHL, IHL and European Elite Leagues and countless hours training with some of the best hockey strength and conditioning coaches has gone in to making these age specific hockey training manuals. Also 13 years as a strength and conditioning coach to the Oshawa Generals and Kitchener Rangers as well as hundreds of NHL and OHL players trained. if you are looking for the best hockey specific training manual. Hockey Speed and Power is it-HANDS DOWN!!!

I was an average skater while in the NHL-if I would have been more explosive my career would have taken off!! That is why I researched everything about building hockey acceleration. When I went to to Europe and had Pavel Bure(the Russian Rocket’s father as our strength and speed coach my acceleration improved drastically. 100 points in 45 games my first year in Europe. I couldn’t believe once I learned to train properly how much faster and more explosive I became. All those exercises I learned are in the Hockey Speed and Power manual. I promise you if you buy the manual and follow it you will be AMAZED at how much faster, stronger and better conditioned you are. That’s why there is a 60 day money back guarantee!!! The $47 you spend will be the best investment you could possibly make to become a much faster, more explosive and better conditioned player. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET STARTED following the manual. You get instant access to the age specific manual so you can get started this week!!!

The Hockey Speed and Power manuals also have an in-season training plan. It is the MOST Complete HOCKEY TRAINING SYSTEM available. Very little equipment is needed for you to start dominating your competition. Look at how Connor MacDavid explodes-the manual will increase that type of acceleration. One last thought-START TRAINING YOUNG as you lay a great foundation and your fast twitch muscle fibers-responsible for explosive acceleration are best trained from a very young age. In Europe all serious players 8 and older do this type of training and look how fast 90 percent of them are!!

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