Speed, Acceleration, Strength can be improved DRAMATICALLY from a YOUNG age!!!!

I have written a few times before about how I trained Matt Duchene from the time he was 9. Matt was a good young player but not a superstar. What turned him in to one was training properly from a very young age. We worked on his speed and acceleration and fast twitch fibers with hockey specific exercises. I trained him twice a week and he would follow the Hockey Speed and Power hockey training manual the other days. He went on to win the fastest player in the OHL and NHL. Now I am not saying he would not have made the OHL or NHL without the training but I can promise you the hockey specific explosive training he did from such a young age played a HUGE role in his success. I have a few testimonials from Matt and his dad. Here is one from his dad when Matt was 11:

I cannot believe the amazing results Matt has achieved by following your hockey specific training principles!!. He is SO MUCH FASTER and stronger then two years ago I am amazed. Matt loves the training and will continue to do whatever you ask of him. I am so thrilled with his acceleration and the other, bigger kids can’t knock him off the puck. Thank you so much for helping Matt dominate like we never dreamed!!

When Matt was up for the NHL draft, the scouting report said he was the FASTEST PLAYER TO COME OUT OF THE OHL IN 20 YEARS!!. Give your son or daughter the Hockey Speed and Power, hockey specific training manual and I GUARANTEE, WITH 100 PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, that your child will become so much faster, stronger, much, much harder shot velocity and most important explosive acceleration or first stride speed that will separate them from their peers. The hockey training manuals are age specific, 8-11, 12-14 and 15 and older and 100 percent safe!! The best part is very little equipment is needed-a few sets of dumbbells, a stability ball and if you are over 15 a barbell-that’s it!! Many people who purchase the manual do the training with their child and lose a lot of weight and get in great shape too!! The 15 and older manual is great for bantam, midget, OHL and professional players but is also great for recreational players. Watch your speed, conditioning and all aspects of fitness soar!!!!

Follow a hockey training manual that has been used by players like Matt Duchene!!-TRUST ME-START YOUNG. As mentioned in Europe all young players are training by the age of 8 and they can flat out explode on the ice. Your child will love the training because it WORKS SO WELL!! It is HARD WORK, forsure-but player’s love being really fast and strong with a much harder shot and AWESOME conditioning levels. For $47 it is an AMAZING investment. Have your son or daughter train just like Matt Duchene from a young age. As mentioned before 18 Olympians have trained the Hockey Speed and Power way-it’s time to get your son or daughter training NOW!!!!!

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