SPEED and ACCELERATION are what makes players DOMINATE!!

Great players like Sidney Crosby start training very young.  You can also read what Sidney thinks of Hockey Speed and Power

Great players like Sidney Crosby start training very young. You can also read what Sidney thinks of Hockey Speed and Power

Great hockey players almost ALWAYS have it. It is called EXPLOSIVE ACCELERATION or FIRST STRIDE POWER!! When I made the Hockey Speed and Power hockey training manuals these two things were what the whole training program revolved around. WHY? Because through my years as a professional player and strength and conditioning coach I witnessed just how much Acceleration and speed improve a young player’s game. That is why the Hockey Speed and Power age related manuals have so many exercises that work on ACCELERATION. Two of the fastest players in the world trained the Hockey Speed and Power way-Sidney Crosby and Matt Duchene. The manual is also based on the Russian Rocket-Pavel Bure’s workout routine as a young player.

The exercises, over 100 of them, in the hockey training manuals teach the body to explode. The younger a player uses these fast twitch fibers, the more explosive they will be. I GUARANTEE 100 percent that your child becomes MUCH, MUCH faster after following the training manual. it has worked so well for so many young players that it still actually surprises me how much a player can improve when they train properly off the ice for hockey. I have mentioned many times before that the $49 you spend will be the best investment you ever make to maximize your child’s potential. People spend $400-$800 on skates-skates don’t make you faster-stronger, more powerful legs and core muscles DO!! The manual contains detailed sections on upper, lower body and core strength as well as detailed agility, plyometrics(jumping drills), anerobic and aerobic conditioning. Every possible aspect of hockey training is covered in a easy to follow calendar. There is even a section on in-season conditioning. Hours and hours went in to detailed pictures and descriptions of EVERY exercise and drill. Hockey Speed and Power hockey training system, was made from someone with 15 years of professional hockey experience as well as being the Head Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach to three OHL teams-don’t be fooled by other training systems because they are more expensive or have fancy DVD’s-you buy the manual and I promise you have the MOST COMPLETE and EFFECTIVE hockey training program available. It is May and every player should be training off the ice by now-get your copy today and watch your son or daughter’s ACCELERATION AND SPEED improve DRAMATICALLY!!

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