Speed is what won the Canadian’s the Gold Medal

I think pretty well everyone watched the Gold Medal game between Canada and Russia. Both teams were extremely FAST!!! Watching Domi and MacDavid fly around the ice was fun to see. The biggest thing I noticed was the ACCELERATION of both teams. ACCELERATION is how fast you can get going from a standstill. When I made the Hockey Speed and Power manual ACCELERATION was the foremost thought on my mind. If you can get to full speed really quickly you will become a MUCH better player. Leg strength and power are what allows players to ACCELERATE so fast. The only two ways to get faster are to explode on every drill in practice and workout off the ice on your leg strength and power. The younger you start working on the fast twitch fibres through strengthening and power exercises the greater your ACCELERATION becomes. It is so important to strengthen your legs and core as young as possible because that is when the fibres have the greatest potential for growth and strength. I promise if you start using the Hockey Speed and Power NOW you will be faster in a month. If you keep following throughout the rest of the season and the off-season you will be so much faster and have that all important first stride power that turns good players to great players. Every other facet of hockey specific conditioning will also be improved dramatically(core strength, upper body strength, flexibility, anaerobic conditioning) which will lead to a greatly improved player. Don’t wait until you are 16 to start training, train safe with the Hockey Speed and Power manual and you can start from age 8. If you took had 2 identical players and one trained with my manual from a young age and the other didn’t there would be NO comparison between the two players. Get your copy of Hockey Speed and Power TODAY!!!! and watch your foot speed and acceleration improve incredibly fast and you might have a chance to wear your country’s National team jersey some day soon!!

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