Testimonial AA player called up to AAA and dominating!!!

“Hi Kevin”.

I wanted to let you know Paul was called up to the AAA Bantams and is dominating.  He is so confident-especially in his skating, from doing your manual he is like a totally different player.  I never thought training in and off-season would help Paul to skate like he is now.  He is defence and had 2 goals last weekend in our tournament where he went end to end.  The coach”s are amazed at the transformation.  I have honestly had at least 3/4 of the parents of the AAA team ask what Paul did to skate like he is now-I told them the answer is simple, we bought Hockey Speed and Power and Paul worked all summer on it and is continuing to do the in-season portion-of course they all wanted a copy of the program and I said go to Hockey Speed and Power and for $47 you have THE BEST TRAINING MANUAL made!!!  Thanks so much again.””  Drew

This was a great email to receive.  This player had never played AAA before, didn’t make the team in the spring and followed the manual all summer and just as importantly twice a week during the season and now he is the best skater on his team.  I keep harping about leg and core strength, first stride power, shot velocity-when you follow the Hockey Speed and Power Manual you are going to get FAST-Really Fast.  Get your copy today.  Remember anyone over 8 can use these age specific manuals and the younger you get started the better.

The Most Effective Hockey Training Manual made by ex NHL player

The Most Effective Hockey Training Manual made by ex NHL player

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