“Over the past three years Kevin has really helped me increase my speed, power, agility and strength over the long OHL season.”

Being drafted in the first round by the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes has allowed me the opportunity to train with many elite strength and conditioning coaches. Kevin ranks right up there with the best of them. Kevin’s great knowledge of training and his vast experience as a player, has been an extremely important part of my development.” Kevin offers a professional level training program and I highly recommend their services to any athlete striving to meet their maximum potential.

Ben Eager-1st round draft pick of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes

“Kevin Designed This Manual For Our Team And Our Players Loved It! “

Kevin designed this manual for our team and our players loved it. Many times players get theses manuals and toss them out. Our guys knew Kevin played at a very high level and trusted his knowledge. I was extremely impressed with the conditioning levels our players came to training camp with.

I highly recommend any player serious about moving on in hockey follow Kevin’s principals. He is a first class Strength and Conditioning Coach.

George Burnett, General Manager and Head Coach of the Belleville Bulls of the OHL

“In Just Two Months Darryl Has Added Eight Pounds of Muscle. He Is Also Faster and More Confident.”

When my son was cut by the Oshawa Minor Bantam AA team, the coach looked him in the eye and said, “You are good enough to play on this team; you are just too small.”

On the way home from the tryout, I told him ‘we can’t do anything about your height, but we can certainly do something about your weight and your strength’. The next day I signed him up with Kevin Miehm. In just two months Darryl has added eight pounds of muscle. He is also faster and more confident. He attends the gym twice each week and works out one day each week at home…and he loves every minute of it.

Kevin and the other instructors gave Darryl a program that was tailor made just for him. I think any athlete who is serious about playing at the highest level possible should consider working out with Kevin.

The atmosphere is a positive one and conducive to athletes working hard to get better. Because of the success Darryl has enjoyed this summer there, we intend to have him continue working with Kevin during the season so he will maintain his strength. I highly endorse Hockey Speed and Power.

Mike Brophy, Senior Writer – The Hockey News

“After Using Your Manual This Off-Season Jacob Has Made The State Travel Team and is Their Second Line Center.”

Hi Kevin. I just wanted to drop you a note that my son Jacob was an average player on a team one step higher than house league.

After using your manual this off-season Jacob has made the state travel team and is their second line center. His confidence at tryouts was so high because we knew he not only had trained very hard but had trained smart thanks to your manual.

I can only imagine the improvements Jacob will attain if he keeps following your incredible hockey specific manual.

Anyone who thinks that a ten year old is too young to train needs to get your manual and give their boy/girl the chance to reach their highest potential

Thanks again Kevin-please let us know if you have any other products as we are true believers in your training system.

Ron Thomas, Hockey Dad

“I cannot believe the results I attained with Kevin”

He is incredibly intelligent when it comes to designing programs that efficiently helped me lose fat and weight, improve my health and rid myself of back pain. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for optimal health.  I WAS ABLE TO STOP USING MY CHOLESTEROL MEDICATION AND ALSO ELIMINATE THE PAIN KILLERS I HAD BEEN TAKING FOR 6 YEARS FOR LOWER BACK PAIN.

—Dino Caggiula— (Dino is a 44 year old male who weighed 250lbs with 25% body fat when he started with Kevin Miehm. After 3 months with us, he is down to 218lbs and 16% body fat. He has also been able to avoid blood pressure and cholesterol medication along with curing a chronic lower back pain condition)

“Kevin had a tremendous beneficial effect both physically and emotionally with my son.”

My son Michael Hasson trained at Mind and Body from July 2005 to July 2007. Scott Atkins owned the facility and trained Michael for the first 2 years. We saw some improvement and thought the training was pretty good.

During June 2007, Kevin Miehm, a new strength coach, began to run the facility. I am in no way exaggerating in that we were in awe of the results Michael got with Kevin. As mentioned, we saw some improvement with Scott, but not even close to what Kevin accomplished with him. Kevin accomplished way more in 2 months than Scott had in 2 years. Every workout Michael would receive a typed out, very organized workout for the day. In contrast, Scott continually used the same program over and over again. Whenever Michael trained with Kevin, he was constantly teaching proper technique and sharing knowledge from his successful hockey career. In complete contrast to this, Scott would frequently sit at the desk on the phone or doing paper work. This was certainly one of the biggest differences between the two trainers. Michael immediately bonded with Kevin and even more important then the tremendous physical gains Michael achieved with Kevin, was the psychological and mental toughness Kevin taught Michael. Michael enjoyed every minute of his training with Kevin and will continue to work with him. As soon as Kevin was released by Scott, we pulled Michael out of Mind and Body. Michael knew many of the other trainees and they almost all left once Kevin was gone.

Overall, I can honestly say Kevin had a tremendous beneficial effect both physically and emotionally with my son. Kevin was very organized, returned my calls very promptly(and I used Kevin as a valuable resource many, many times), was always on time and certainly went the extra mile for us. Kevin was very hands on when teaching Michael the very demanding exercises that led to Michael’s amazing transformation. Kevin ran a very clean and organized facility, providing easy to understand invoicing, receipts and whatever else we asked of him. If Kevin was still at Mind and Body, Michael would most definitely be there as would have all of the other trainees Michael knew. Michael and I cannot thank Kevin enough for his positive impact on Michael as a hockey player and more importantly as a person.

Gary Hasson