Time to get FAST for your Christmas tournament and Playoffs

Many players do some non-hockey specific training in the summer and think that is enough. Not even close!!! You need to be following a professionally designed , hockey specific workout plan all year. The off-season workouts are longer and intense while the in-season are shorter in duration with similar intensity. Hockey training is very complex as there are so many areas to work on. That is why the Hockey speed and Power manual is superior to other products you see. I played professionally for 15 years and was taught by some of the world’s top hockey strength and conditioning coaches. Many programs available are just modified bodybuilding programs. Hockey Speeed and Power has all the best exercises for speed, explosiveness, agility, core strength, shot power, and anaerobic conditioning.

As Gary Roberts recently said in an interview-“What separates average players from great ones is what they do off the ice to prepare for games.” This is so true. Also training for 2 months in the summer and then stopping makes no sense. By November most of your strength and speed gains are gone. That is why it is so important to train during the season. Remember the ideal age to introduce safe hockey training is 8 years old-this is when your fast twitch muscle fibers have the best opportunity to benefit from training and it also lays a foundation for the years to follow. There are three age specific manuals-8-11, 12-14 and 15 and older. Many parents think training at a young age is not safe-totally wrong-done properly it is the best way to prevent injuries and drastically improve performance. The manuals have pictures and descriptions of every exercise and an easy to follow calendar that tells you exactly what to do every day.

Start your training today and I guarantee your son/daughter will be amazed with their speed improvement, first stride power, shot velocity going way up and endless energy. I promise you-and I use the manual

Sidney Crosby trained the Hockey Speed and Power and follows in-season

Sidney Crosby trained the Hockey Speed and Power and follows in-season

with my own children-following this manual is the most important ting your son/daughter can do to improve at an AMAZING rate. REMEMBER though-you NEED to do IN-SEASON TRAINING so get started today. It will be the best $47 you ever spend-I Guarantee It!!!!

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