Time to Train for Play-offs

As mentioned in numerous posts, you need to be training during the season. The most important time of year is coming-the play-offs and how you perform during this time really gives you a reputation of being a big time performer or a player who doesn’t perform during the playoffs. The Hockey Speed and Power manual is unique in that it gives you both in-season and off-season training routines. The off-season being longer more intense workouts while the in-season are 30 minute workouts designed to improve your skating acceleration(the most important aspect in hockey), improved shot velocity and increased core strength. So many players from the ages of 8 and up have seen remarkable results with the manual-you could be next. Strengthening your legs and core give you first stride power which will separate you from other players. Get training now and dominate the playoffs and then follow the off-season portion and I GUARANTEE you will be amazed with your increase in skating speed and acceleration. If you watch the World Juniors it is the players with great acceleration that dominate. When I designed the training manuals acceleration was THE most important aspect I concentrated on. Why? Simple-through my 15 years of pro hockey the players with great acceleration were almost always the best players. Years of learning from the best strength coaches and training myself went in to the program design. It is all laid out for you in an easy to follow format. Start training smart and hard today and watch your game improve dramatically. Use the same exercises and techniques as the professionals, geared for your age. The manual is 100 percent safe and more effective then any other hockey training system available. Starting training properly at a young age is THE most important step you can take to reaching your goals in hockey. Get your manual today and start Training Like a Pro!!!

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