What do you hockey players want to discuss about hockey training?

The goal of the Hockey Speed and Power blog is is to educate our members/visitors on how to train properly for hockey speed, power and conditioning.  I am in the process of getting the 400 exercises pictures I have optimized for the site.  Sign up for the newsletter, as by the middle of next week there will be two great hockey training exercises everyday on the blog.  These are exercises the professionals use(I should know as I was a professional hockey player in the NHL/European Elite League for over 12 years).  There is no guess work in the Hockey Speed and Power training manuals sold on the site.  These are manuals that have been proven time and time again to help athletes reach their full potential.  If your son/daughter is 8 years old or older it is time for them to start training properly.  Gary Roberts was on the Fan 590 and was asked what things Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos had in common.  His answer was “they both started training properly at a very young age when there bodies could absorb and learn from the training they were doing”.  It is no coincidence that the European’s, in general, are better skaters.  They all start speed and power training at a very young age with professional coaches.

Please let me know what you guys want to see.  Hockey specific core training, speed training, power training etc.  It will all be coming soon so sign up for our newsletter now so you don’t miss out.  Join the fastest growing Hockey Speed and Power website to get a huge edge on your competition. 

PS-here is a great little hockey specific core training circuit:

1) Russian Twists-30 seconds, Figure 8-30 seconds, Reverse Axe Chops-30 seconds.  Rest 30 seconds between exercises and 1 minute between sets.  If you don’t know what these exercises are come back often as pictures and videos of these and other great hockey training exercises are soon to follow.

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