Why Train Off-Ice During the Season?

I get asked this question many times. Most parents/players think if they train during the summer it is enough. TOTALLY WRONG!! NHL players, with all their games and traveling, train at least 2 times per week-although shorter in duration and not quite as intensely as the off-season. The reason is, is to make sure all the strength and speed gains are maintained throughout the season. Playing is not enough-you still need to work on speed, strength, agility, core strength etc. If not by the time Christmas rolls around most of the gains you made from the off-season are gone. Don’t you want to be ready for the playoffs-THE mos IMPORTANT time of the year? That is why the age specific Hockey Speed and Power manuals have an in-season section. It is to ensure you are as strong and fast as possible through the whole season. Parents comment a lot that their legs get worked enough by skating-WRONG! The importance of proper all year training(except for about a 4-6 week rest period) is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! Even if you play other sports you still NEED to TRAIN for HOCKEY. The days of playing hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer with no hockey specific training are gone. It is good to play other sports but if you REALLY want to get as far in hockey as possible you need to be training for it consistently throughout the year.

There is WAY to much competition out there that is training throughout the year-so if you are not you are falling behind!! Working on hockey specific speed, strength, core strength, agility, explosiveness, first stride power, shot velocity-it is ALL covered in the manual. Get your copy today and watch your game take off faster then yu ever thought possible!!! PS-Do you watch the Russians skate-they FLY and I learned almost all the exercises in the book from the Russian Rocket-Pave Bure’s father-so if you really want your son or daughter to reach their maximum potential get your copy of Hockey Speed and Power today!!!!!

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